FINDER POMPES has signed a representation agreement with UBPC in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Finder Pompe, originally established as Pompe Vergani, has gone through substantial changes in its over fifty-five years' life. In fact, from a small company operating in the heating and conditioning field, Finder Pompe has become one of the most interesting and dynamic companies onto the Italian market. The current range of products and services is due to both the developments of new products, carried out internally, and to various merging that took place over the years, such as FBM Industrie, Pompe Valisi and Centra Vacuum Technology. The integration of those companies within Finder Pompe has actually allowed to enlarge the offered range of products, to enter new markets and to develop a more dynamic company culture, more and more prepared to meet market needs. The wide variety of products and services offered and its capability of developing ad hoc solutions to meet customers’ requirements, make it a precious partner for all those companies that require, for their existing plants or for the development of new ones, heterogeneous solutions and systems with a high technological level and “tailor –made” products based on the real application. The factory in Merate is the main productive facility and the technological center of the group. Here, besides the current production carried out in Italy, are developed all the highly technological projects and are designed and manufactured pumping systems that, often, reach highly sophisticated levels. All that is possible thanks to a qualified engineering staff capable of constantly proposing innovative improvements and solutions and, above all, devoted to the development of new solutions and new products.