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Halul United Offshore Services Company Ltd. ( HUOSC) is an offshore support services Saudi based company. There is an ever growing need for marine support services pertaining to offshore oil & gas exploration and the construction industries in Saudi Arabia. HUOSC is geared to fulfill challenges like providing vessels, diving services, construction services, maintenance of offshore installations and structures with innovation and alacrity.


Heerema Arabia Ltd. designs, constructs, transports, installs and removes offshore facilities for the global oil and gas industry.

Heerema Arabia Ltd. is implementing the newest technology in the offshore sector, which results the safest and the most efficient facilities.

As Saudi based company will always work on giving the priority to the local suppliers/manufacturers to be in the project procurement loop.

Doing part of the engineering locally enhances the local engineering base for this growing industry.


UBPC/Klinger are in the process of building a manufacturing facility under world leading name Klinger, where we can supply the market increasing demands of:

  • Spiral wound gaskets.
  • Metal ring joint gaskets.
  • Kamm profile gaskets.
  • Metal jacketed gaskets.
  • Asbestos-free soft cut gaskets.
  • Flange installation.

With high standards and proficiency, UBPC-KLINGER Gasket Factory aims to focus on the market needs with dedication, supported with the technical information and best quality materials that Klinger famous for.



Topsoe has developed a portfolio of hydrocracking catalysts, and licensed processes and technologies for the conversion of heavier feedstocks into lighter and more valuable products.

Topsoe supplies integrated solutions including grading material, catalysts, licensed process design and detailed reactor engineering. Their supply of catalysts and technology offers clients a single point of expertise and responsibility


Samia is the first European firm to specialize in developing flare systems through its own know-how on the various flare types. As of today SAMIA produces almost every type of required flare system. Samia provides Conventional Elevated and Horizontal (Burn Pit), for Platforms, Steel, Special Units, Biogas. 

Samia offers the best technologies in the field of low Nitrogen Oxides emissions burners. Which include Conventional, lowNOx, Forced and Natural Draft.

Samia competes with John Zink, Callidus, & Zeeco for their flare systems and burners. They will accomplish an absorption of the market through new project package bids & turnaround & shutdown projects.


Produces a full range of refractory products for application temperatures between 800°C and 1800°C.

Refractory products are mainly based on Al2O3 – SiO2. High purity products like zircon oxide – bricks are also produced.

Produce shaped refractories (bricks and pre-formed shapes made from castables), unshaped refractories (moldable, castables) and jointing materials for brick laying. Additionally, ceramic fibers are produced as a raw material for blankets and punched parts as well as for the production of vacuum-shaped parts.

RATH group is also active in in engineering of the installation, assembly and assembly supervision.


Allied Technology is a leading designer and manufacturer of surface production and process equipment and provides field services for the upstream market. From simple storage tanks and separators at the wellhead to modular process plants and sophisticated control systems 

EDGE™ desalters and dehydrators utilize a unique technology. AC-type electrostatic coalescing for the efficient removal of contaminants. This technology was acquired through Allied’s purchase of Howe Baker’s technology from Cameron.

Allied also offers engineered equipment packages for metering and meter proving skids. Equipment designed and fabricated by Maintenance Mechanical is in use worldwide for offshore platforms, pipeline stations, loading and unloading terminal facilities, and refineries.


ITT SpA is a leading Italian Company who specialize in the design, manufacture and installation of reformers and fired heaters for global oil, gas and petrochemical industries.
Understanding of process technology is a key factor in our ability to provide the best fired heaters for the job and to provide units designed to maximize efficiency and to minimize emissions.

There is no fired heater challenge we cannot meet, whether for new installations, replacements, revamps or retrofit. We have the experience since 1954 and present day structure to handle both single heater projects as well as larger and more complex multiple heater projects and reformers.


FINDER POMPES is one of Europe’s leading Companies in the design and manufacture of engineered pumps for industrial applications.

FINDER designs the most suitable reciprocating pumps for critical high pressure installations

FINDER’s centrifugal pumps, plunger pumps, filters - are sold worldwide to the major engineering companies and to end users

After-Market product support include full range of spare-parts.


MIR VALVE Sdn. Bhd. is a Malaysian company that designs, manufactures and supply’s a complete range of API 6D Ball & Gate Valves and actuators for oil, gas, petrochemical, refining and power industries.

MIR VALVE is an approved vendor of most major oil and gas companies

MIR’s valves are suppliers to onshore & offshore fields installations throughout Asia Pacific and Middle East.

After-Market Services include full range of spare-parts, repairs and maintenance, on-site field services, project commissioning and training.


ASCO Filtri is a company specialized in the design and manufacture of “Process Filters” founded by experts in the field, we are capable of resolving any industrial process filtration problem, across all industrial markets from chemicals to microelectronics, from pharmaceutical to food & beverage. Our vast range of process filtration products and our proprietary manufacturing further supports this expertise, experience and industrial know-how.
A fully equipped laboratory, specialist design team that works according to all common construction codes and standards (PED, ASME) and an internal production unit, all combine to offer Customers made to measure solutions to all filtration requirements.


Granziero fabricates pressure vessels, columns, reactors and heat exchangers, used in the petrochemical, oil refineries and waters treatment.

Granziero Srl. has become a reference for many petrochemical engineering companies, in Italy and abroad, gaining a good standing over Far East and Arabian markets.  Granziero's flexibility, relating to size as well as weight, has been and is now a strong presence in the market, having succeeded in maintaining a truly satisfying competitiveness at a global level.  


Secin S.A. is the leading company in Argentina in manufacturing process equipment involving carbon and alloy steels and nonferrous materials as well as heavy wall thickness (with experience up to 200 mm).

  • Austenitic materials
  • Aluminum
  • Lined plates
  • Mid alloy steels


Stork MSW is an Argentinian company that develops and manufactures reciprocating piston and plunger pumps for the oil industry.

Stork MSW is a member of the Dutch industrial group called Stork N.V. which based on technological development adds value to the productive processes of its clients all over the world by supplying them with components, systems and services.


Sree Rayalaseema Hi-Strength Hypo Ltd, the torchbearer of the TGV Group is the only Indian manufacturer of Calcium Hypochlorite. Sree Rayalaseema Hi-Strength Hypo is one of the very few in the world, known for decades of dedicated research and development in water treatment and purification.

Constantly raising our standard and hence, the global benchmark in water purification, Sree Rayalaseema Hi-Strength Hypo Ltd. has set an example for others to follow.


Z.I. produces chemicals for cleaning of both internal pipeline and exterior surfaces is critical in the petroleum industry. Z.I.'s environmentally-safe chemicals provide super cleaning power for rig degreasing, pipeline maintenance, cutting wash for oil mud systems, and a wide range of other applications including oil slick dispersant

Currently Bidding on 5 year supply contract for degreasing chemicals.


JSC "ALNAS" is one of the leading ESP producer’s in Russia. The main company production is ESP for oil production, water injection systems for pressure maintenance, various surface equipment including control systems.

ESPs – Electric Submersible Pumping System

for oil recovery generally consists of:

  • Submersible centrifugal pump
  • Gas separator
  • Hydro protector
  • Submersible electric motor
  • Cable line
  • Surface electric equipment
  • Telemetry systems
  • Tools and accessories


BOTIL OIL TOOLS INDIA PRIVATE LTD., is India’s largest established manufacturer and global supplier of a comprehensive range of Downhole Drilling & Production Oil Tools for the Oil & Gas Industry  

BOTIL manufactures Hydraulic / Mechanical Set, Rotating & Non-rotating Liner Hangers, Mechanical & Hydraulic Permanent & Retrievable Seal Bore / ERD Packers & Accessories , Flow Control Equipment and Gas Lift Valves, Side Pocket Mandrels & Accessories, Float Shoes & Collars, Stage Cementing Collars, Bridge Plugs, Cement Retainers, Milling & Retrieving Tools, Cementing Heads and Sub Surface safety Valves & Accessories

BOTIL main competitors are Baker, Schulmberger, Halliburton,& TIW Corporation


World Oil Tools Inc. is a Canadian based manufacturer and supplier of high technology inflatable products to the oil and gas sector. 

World Oil Tools Inc. can engineer products for the most challenging environments including deep, sour, or extended reach horizontal wells.

World Oil Tools manufactures external casing packers, single set & multi set packers, Re-Settable Inflate Test and Treat System (RITTS), & Drillstem Testing Equipment.

World Oil Tools are main competitors of Baker, Schulmberger, Davis Lynch, TAM International, & TIW Corporation.  


Drill Master Inc (DMI) is a high-quality manufacturer and supplier of Matrix PDC drill bits that serves the global oil and gas drilling industry. With over 30 years of experience, DMI's drill bit applications provide performance and reliability equal to any world class drill bit manufacturer.

We provide custom made PDC, Impregnated, and Natural Diamond drill bits to fit our customers' needs. We design and build not only full hole applications, but Bi-Center bits as well. Our facility is equipped with the right tools and knowledgeable people to build high-end Matrix PDC bits from 4" to 22" diameters. Also, we repair Matrix PDC drill bits so you can get more revenue for your company.

Our bits are currently being used by customers around the world to increase performance and reduce their drilling cost.


Hunan Shinestar Group, is a large investment group company which dealing with steel products manufacturing, steel products stockiest and logistics, real estate.

Steel Products Manufacturing, we invested four factories (Hunan Great Steel Pipe Co., Ltd.,Hunan Longshengda Steel Pipe Co.,Ltd., Hebei Litonglian Seamless Steel Pipe Co., Ltd., and GuangZhou JuYi Steel Pipe Co., Ltd.). We can supply seamless steel pipe, ERW, SSAW, LSAW pipe in the best competitive situation. And total production capacity quantity of whole steel pipe products will be 2,000,000MT per year.


Pacific Coast Bolt Corporation is a manufacturer and distributor of quality fasteners covering a wide range of products, materials, and industries. We have a fully stocked 40,000 -sq/ft warehouse with over 15,000 SKU’s. We can ship same-day nationally, or deliver same day with our fleet of trucks servicing Southern California. Non-stocked items can be fabricated from our inventory of stocked carbon, alloy or stainless steels and other materials to meet any ASTM or customer specification usually within days.